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Episode · 1 day ago

AI-Empowered Instruction at Duke University

Jon Reifschneider, Director of Masters Studies of the Artificial Intelligence for Product Innovation at Duke University joined the podcast to discuss how their artificial intelligence assistant empowers faculty to provide more personalized instruction.

Episode · 1 week ago

How Guided Pathways Can Reduce a Student’s Time and Cost to Completion

Dr. Ann Buchele, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Linn-Benton Community College, joined the podcast to discuss the big institution-wide lift and ROI return on establishing guided pathways and support for your students.

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Taking Over a Marcomms Division Mid-Pandemic at Miami University of Ohio

Jaime Hunt, Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Miami University of Ohio joined the podcast to discuss both the challenges, opportunities, and positive constraints of taking over a Marcomms division mid-pandemic.

Episode · 3 weeks ago

Solving the Rural Student Underrepresentation Problem in Higher Ed

Dr. Leslie Daugherty, Education Designer at Education Design Lab, joined the podcast to discuss their BRIDGES inaugural cohort and how creating workforce partnership pathways can help solve the rural student underrepresentation problem in higher ed.