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Episode · 10 months ago

Experimenting with the Future of Higher Ed at CU Boulder

Dr. William Kuskin, Professor of English and Faculty Director for Innovation in Online Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder joined the podcast to discuss why higher ed needs to start experimenting in order to find its online future faster.

Episode · 10 months ago

Prioritizing Student Convenience

Bob Ubell, Vice Dean Emeritus of Online Learning at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering joined the podcast to discuss what happens when our students value convenience more than anything else.

Episode · 10 months ago

Designing the Future of Work and Employee Education at Amazon Web Services

Ken Eisner, Director of Worldwide Education Programs at Amazon Web Services joined the podcast to discuss how cloud computing is creating new upskilling opportunities for higher education and the future of work.

Episode · 10 months ago

The Economic History and Future of Higher Education

Eric Mason, Economist joined the podcast to talk about the economic history and future of higher education, and help us understand how the field of Cliometrics can paint an economic-specific understanding of higher education history.