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Episode · 2 years ago

38: Web Governance at DePaul University w/ Zoe Jacobs

Zoe Jacobs, Web Content Manager at DePaul University discusses the pros and cons of different website governance and ownership scenarios in higher ed.

Episode · 2 years ago

37: Academic Exploration Tool at University of Kentucky w/ Tyler Gayheart

Tyler Gayheart, Director of Strategic Communication at the University of Kentucky discusses the work they’re doing to make their academic program listings more than a mere directory, but a truly exploratory tool for the undecided student.

Episode · 2 years ago

36: Current Student Communications at Temple University w/ Samantha Krotzer

Samantha Krotzer, Content Manager at Temple University discusses how their Nutshell Newsletter serves to fill the gap between enrollment and alumni communications and better engage current students.

Episode · 2 years ago

35: Athletics’ Role in Brand Strategy at University of Florida w/ Bruce Floyd

Bruce Floyd, Social Media Manager at the Florida Gators discusses the communications role that athletics can play as a part of an overall brand strategy when your athletic social accounts have twice the followers as your university’s primary pages.