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Episode · 2 years ago

34: First-Year Retention Data at Flagler College w/ Joseph Provenza

Joseph Provenza, Vice President for Technology Services and Chief Information Officer at Flagler College, discusses some incredibly interesting and even counter-intuitive findings from digging into their first-year retention data.

Episode · 2 years ago

33: City-Student Partnerships at Dominican University of California w/ Vickie Alleman

Our guest this week on the Enrollment Growth University was Vickie Alleman, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Dominican University of California. Vickie shared her experience with unique municipality partnerships.

Episode · 2 years ago

32: Funding a 10-Figure Capital Campaign at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign w/ Jon Salvani

Jon Salvani, Director of Advancement and Team Lead for Chicago Regional Advancement Team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, discusses how to game plan for a 10-figure capital campaign using key market approaches, creative fundraising opportunities, advancement ambassadors, and more.

Episode · 2 years ago

31: Entrepreneurship Programming at University of Colorado Boulder w/ Kyle Judah

Kyle Judah, Director of Entrepreneurship at University of Colorado Boulder (College of Engineering & Applied Science) discusses the recruitment, corporate, and fundraising benefits of launching entrepreneurship and accelerator programming at your institution.