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Episode · 2 years ago

30: Iterative Web Design at Messiah College w/ Kris Hardy

Kris Hardy, Director of Web and Digital Marketing at Messiah College, discusses how to avoid the “launch and leave it alone” plan for your website, and move to a process of continuous optimization that ensures your website gets better and better between new launches, too.

Episode · 2 years ago

29: Enrollment Growth Simulation Modeling at Worcester Polytechnic Institute w/ Dr. Raafat Zaini

Dr. Raafat Zaini, Research Scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute discusses the dynamic enrollment model for university expansion he created at WPI and the interdependence between enrollment factors and cost centers to create a scalable model for growth detailed in his research study, Let’s Talk Change in a University: A Simple Model for Addressing a Complex Agenda.

Dr. Raafat Zaini's research interest is in the area of organizational dynamics and innovation sustainability with a focus on a multi-perspective design approach and dynamic modeling of R&D organizations and higher education institutions. Raafat holds a B.S in mechanical engineering (KFUPM 1990), M.S. in aeronautical and industrial engineering (Purdue 1999) and Ph.D. in system dynamics and organization behavior (WPI 2017).

You can reach Dr. Zaini at and on both Twitter and LinkedIn @raafatzaini

Episode · 3 years ago

28: Test-Optional Admission Decisions at Bloomfield College w/ Adam Castro

Adam Castro, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Bloomfield College, discusses the potential accessibility, enrollment and academic benefits of test-optional admission decisions.

Episode · 3 years ago

27: Prepping for a Web Redesign at Gettysburg College w/ Paul Fairbanks

Paul Fairbanks, Director of Creative Services at Gettysburg College discusses the front work necessary to prepare for, get buy-in, and launch a successful web redesign process at your institution.

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