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Episode · 3 years ago

18: Faculty’s Role in the Recruitment Process at Calvin College w/ Ryan Bebej

Ryan Bebej, Assistant Professor of Biology at Calvin College, discusses faculty’s role in the enrollment process – what it is, what it could be, and what it definitely shouldn’t be.

Episode · 3 years ago

17: Building a Modern-Day Media Relations Strategy at Delaware Valley University w/ Tom Durso

Tom Durso, AVP of Marketing and Communications at Delaware Valley University, discusses what a modern higher ed media relations strategy should look like, and whether or not the same media gatekeepers are even still relevant anymore.

Episode · 3 years ago

16: Future-Proofing Your Higher Ed Marketing Department w/ T-Shaped Marketers at National University

Aaron Edgell, Head of Marketing Services at National University, discusses how when staffing your higher ed marketing department, you don’t want to hire generalists, or specialists, but both.

Episode · 3 years ago

15: Cornell University and the Future of Advancement Operations w/ Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd, Director of Digital Marketing (Advancement) at Cornell University talks about the latest advancements in alumni tools, technology and AI that are changing engagement and fundraising at Cornell altogether.

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