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Episode · 3 years ago

14: Advanced Digital Measurement Tools at Wayne State University w/ Nick DeNardis

Nick DeNardis, Director of Digital Communications at Wayne State University discusses the must-have tools for your higher ed measurement tookit.

Episode · 3 years ago

13: Boston University’s Social Media Etiquette During National Tragedies w/ Kat Cornetta

Kat Cornetta, Assistant to the Dean of Students at Boston University, discusses why the best social media response during a national tragedy may very well be silence.

Episode · 3 years ago

12: How Middle Tennessee State University Prepares Students for Gainful Employment Prior to Graduation w/ Dr. Colby Jubenville

Dr. Colby Jubenville, Director of the Center for Student Coaching and Success at Middle Tennessee State University, discusses how their coaching strategy effectively prepares students for gainful employment PRIOR to graduation.

Episode · 3 years ago

11: “Pie Your Professor” Highlights Concordia University, Nebraska’s Day of Giving w/ Seth Meranda

Seth Meranda, Director of Marketing at Concordia University, Nebraska, discusses how a Facebook Live stream had their community glued to their screens and reaching for their checkbooks during a “Pie Your Professor” fundraising campaign during their Day of Giving.

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