Embedding Industry Certifications into our Degree Programs


Karen Elzey, Associate Executive Director at Workcred, joined the podcast to talk about the partnerships and convenings that created a new framework for embedding industry certifications into our degree programs.

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Episode · 3 years ago

6: Colgate University’s Advanced Facebook Targeting w/ Matt Hames

Matt Hames, Communications Strategist at Colgate University, discusses how to centralize your social media governance and utilize Facebook’s hyper-targeting capabilities for your enrollment growth initiatives.

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Episode · 3 years ago

5: Emerson College’s Approach to Integrating Adult Education on Campus w/ Lesley Nichols

Lesley Nichols, Executive Director of Professional Studies at Emerson College, discusses the integration and shared resource benefits of bringing adult and continuing education departments off their own island and into the fold.

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Episode · 3 years ago

4: Bridgewater State University’s Student Affairs Communications Technology w/ Dr. Ed Cabellon

Dr. Ed Cabellon, Assistant to the VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Bridgewater State University discusses how to leverage technology to build capacity and more effectively engage with and retain current students.

Episode · 3 years ago

3: Notre Dame’s Web Speed Strategy w/ Erik Runyon

Erik Runyon, Technical Director at the University of Notre Dame discusses tools and strategies to minimize web page weight and load times in order to maximize prospective student behavior.