Faculty Podcasts as Program Promotion


Dr. David Peña-Guzman, Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities and Liberal Studies at San Francisco State University, and Dr. Ellie Anderson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Pomona University, joined the podcast to talk about creating academic podcasts for both curriculum and course promotion.

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Episode · 1 month ago

Embedding Industry Certifications into our Degree Programs

Karen Elzey, Associate Executive Director at Workcred, joined the podcast to talk about the partnerships and convenings that created a new framework for embedding industry certifications into our degree programs.

Episode · 1 month ago

How Skillifying Can Make our Institutions More Employer-Friendly

Kelly Ryan Bailey, Global Skills Evangelist at Emsi joined the podcast to talk about forging new partnerships with local employers by creating a shared skills language between us.

Episode · 1 month ago

UC San Diego Delivers 65,000 COVID Tests a Month Via Vending Machine

Brett Pollak, Director of Workplace Technology Services at UC San Diego, joined the podcast to talk about using vending machines to create a self-administration protocol for 65,000 COVID tests a month this spring.

Episode · 1 month ago

Social Listening for Program Research

Dr. Liz Gross, CEO at Campus Sonar joined the podcast to talk about how social listening can be utilized beyond mere brand monitoring exercises, including sophisticated programmatic research.