Keeping Your Marketing Straight When the World Goes Sideways


Katie Van Hazelen, Sr. Content Strategist at Helix Education joins Andy Nelson, Vice President of Marketing at Helix Education to discuss the underlying structure that makes for good “attention-getting” communication and marketing in a rapidly distractible world.

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Episode · 5 months ago

The 10 Must-Haves to Prevent Student Melt

Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix talks about our high risk for student melt this fall, and 10 ways to mitigate your risk through proven student engagement practices.

Episode · 5 months ago

Preventing a Student Retention Crisis This Fall

Dr. Rebecca Glazier, Associate Professor at University of Arkansas at Little Rock joined the podcast to talk about being prepared for a potential student retention crisis this fall with so many “new” online students, and what we can do to prevent it.

Episode · 6 months ago

Increasing Student Engagement with Negotiated Curriculum at Florida Gulf Coast University

Brenda Thomas, Director of the University Colloquium Program at Florida Gulf Coast University joined the podcast to talk about negotiating course curriculum with our students, and the incredible engagement power of getting that student buy-in up-front.

Episode · 6 months ago

Empowering Student-to-Student Support with Q&A Communities

Katy Kappler, Co-Founder and CEO of InScribe joined the podcast to talk about the power of student-to-student engagement, and how institutions can think about facilitating it this fall.