Taking Over a Marcomms Division Mid-Pandemic at Miami University of Ohio


Jaime Hunt, Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Miami University of Ohio joined the podcast to discuss both the challenges, opportunities, and positive constraints of taking over a Marcomms division mid-pandemic.

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Episode · 3 months ago

What Does the Blockchain Mean for University Partnerships?

Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor of Online Learning at University of Illinois Springfield, and Senior Fellow at UPCEA returns to the show to remark on the acceleration of the blockchain movement during COVID-19, and how the blockchain can assist in new university collaborations.

Episode · 3 months ago

Digital Leadership in Higher Education w/ Dr. Josie Ahlquist

Dr. Josie Ahlquist, consultant, author, and speaker, returns to the show to talk about how higher ed navigated the serious digital test we were given this year, along with the most powerful concepts from her new book, Digital Leadership in Higher Education.

Episode · 4 months ago

Onboarding Hybrid Learning Technology at University of Kentucky

Dr. Kathi Kern, Associate Provost of Teaching, Learning, and Academic Innovation, and Kathy Hamperian, Executive Director of Customer Support and Student IT Enablement at University of Kentucky, joined the podcast to talk about the massive and ambitious investment they made in hybrid learning technology in preparation for this fall.

Episode · 4 months ago

Supplemental Enrollment Partnerships in Higher Education

Dr. Vivian Liu, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Columbia University’s Community College Research Center joined the podcast to talk about whether institutions should see our students’ supplemental enrollment at 2-year colleges as a revenue threat or a retention boost?