Social Listening for Program Research


Dr. Liz Gross, CEO at Campus Sonar joined the podcast to talk about how social listening can be utilized beyond mere brand monitoring exercises, including sophisticated programmatic research. 

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Episode · 3 years ago

10: How Fresno Pacific University Leverages Faculty in Their Enrollment Marketing w/ Jillian Coppler

Jillian Coppler, Executive Director of Enrollment Marketing at Fresno Pacific University, discusses the enrollment growth benefits of prioritizing healthy relationships between faculty and your enrollment marketing office.

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Episode · 3 years ago

9: Harvard University Seeks Authenticity Through Video w/ Mike Petroff

Mike Petroff, Senior Associate Director of Content Strategy at Harvard University, discusses how video helps make Harvard as an institution appear more attainable, and Harvard students more accessible.

Episode · 3 years ago

8: Building a Modern Higher Ed Marketing Team at University at Albany (SUNY) w/ Dr. Joseph Brennan

Dr. Joseph Brennan, VP of Communications & Marketing and Clinical Professor of Business at The University at Albany, discusses how to hire, organize and structure your higher ed marketing department to fulfill current and future institutional enrollment goals.

Episode · 3 years ago

7: Concordia University, Irvine Brings the 4 P’s Back to Higher Ed Strategy w/ Rick Hardy

Rick Hardy, AVP of Marketing at Concordia University, Irvine, discusses how his team takes a product marketing approach to academic program development and promotion.

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