Solving the Rural Student Underrepresentation Problem in Higher Ed


Dr. Leslie Daugherty, Education Designer at Education Design Lab, joined the podcast to discuss their BRIDGES inaugural cohort and how creating workforce partnership pathways can help solve the rural student underrepresentation problem in higher ed.

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Episode · 7 months ago

Turning Gen Ed Students into Declared Majors at Monmouth College

Dr. Andre Audette, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Monmouth College joined the podcast to talk about how to turn more Gen Ed discovery students into declared majors for our programs.

Episode · 7 months ago

Online Student Experience & Engagement – A Culture of Coaching

Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix Education shares proven principles and practices that elevate an institution’s student-facing interactions while laying a critical foundation of coaching.

Episode · 7 months ago

Virtual Event Planning Best Practices

Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President at PlatformQ Education, joined the podcast to talk about recent trends and best practices in virtual event planning during a pandemic.

Episode · 8 months ago

Evaluating Your Institution’s Online Readiness

Dr. Jenna Templeton, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Chatham University joins Dr. Cherron Hoppes, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education to talk about how an online readiness audit can prepare your institution to thrive come Fall 2020.