The 10 Must-Haves to Prevent Student Melt


Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix talks about our high risk for student melt this fall, and 10 ways to mitigate your risk through proven student engagement practices.

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Episode · 4 months ago

Addressing Higher Ed’s Online Cheating Problem

Dr. David Rettinger, Professor of Psychology and Director of Academic Integrity Programs at University of Mary Washington joined the podcast to talk about changing the incentives altogether and prevent the very need for online cheating in the first place.

Episode · 4 months ago

The New Design Future of Campus Planning Post-COVID

Steve Morley, Director of Campus Planning at Credo joined the podcast to talk about approaching campus planning in the short-term from both a public health and pedagogical focus.

Episode · 5 months ago

Inclusive Storytelling in Higher Education

Anne Stefanyk, CEO and Founder of Kanopi Studios, joined the podcast to talk about the concept of inclusive storytelling and using language that helps ensure our students can picture themselves in our institution’s story.


Kanopi Studio's Accessible Media Presentation

Kanopi Studio's Inclusive Content Strategy Presentation

Kanopi Studio's Blog: Accessibility Tools

Episode · 5 months ago

Reassessing our Financial Aid Policies due to COVID

Dr. Phillip Levine, Professor of Economics at Wellesley College, and Founder of MyinTuition joined the podcast to talk about where our institutions are at financially right now, and why we need to reassess our aid policies and packages heading into next year in order to ensure we still have an access story for our lower- and middle-income students and families.