Turning Gen Ed Students into Declared Majors at Monmouth College


Dr. Andre Audette, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Monmouth College joined the podcast to talk about how to turn more Gen Ed discovery students into declared majors for our programs.

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Episode · 6 months ago

Keeping Your Marketing Straight When the World Goes Sideways

Katie Van Hazelen, Sr. Content Strategist at Helix Education joins Andy Nelson, Vice President of Marketing at Helix Education to discuss the underlying structure that makes for good “attention-getting” communication and marketing in a rapidly distractible world.

Episode · 6 months ago

The Privacy Concerns of Course Recordings at UCLA

Dr. John Villasenor, Co-Director at the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law and Policy joined the podcast to discuss the pro and cons of course recordings and the different factors an institution should consider when developing their policies around them.

Episode · 6 months ago

The National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL’s) Online Learning Certificate

Chris Edwards, Senior Vice President of University Partnerships at MindEdge Learning joins Dr. Cherron Hoppes, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education to talk about the National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL) and why it’s an important organization to bring back to the higher education conversation right now.

Episode · 7 months ago

Open Design at Duke University

Dr. Aria Chernik, Associate Professor of the Practice at Duke University joined the podcast to talk about Open Design and why Design Thinking at large is such a critical 21st century skill to teach our students.