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There's a lot of anxiety in the higher-ed space right now as competition for enrollment becomes fiercer. But that doesn't mean there aren't colleges and universities who are thriving.

How do they do it? What are successful universities doing?

Listen in to the show to hear the answers from leaders and peers in higher education.

You're listening to enrollment growth university from Helix Education, the best professional development podcast for higher education leaders looking to grow enrollment at their college or university. Whether you're looking for fresh enrollment growth techniques and strategies or tools and resources, you've come to the right place. Let's get into the show. Welcome to the very first episode of Enrollment Growth University. We're here today with Chris Edwards and Eric Olson. They are the hosts of enrollment growth university. My name is Jonathan Green. I'm actually one of the producers of the show and today I'll be talking to Chris and Eric about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. So, of course, Chris and Eric, welcome. Thank you so much for your time today and before we get into today's topic, maybe you can just tell me a little about yourselves. Sure. I'm Chris Edwards. I've been working in the AD text base now for about sixteen...

...years. I'm very passionate about our industry. Are Partners in the students we serve and today I'm the vice president of strategic partnerships here a helix, and I work out of an office in Boston mass and I'm Miraic Wilson. I'm an AD agency life, for I've been on the ENROLLMAN marketing side of higher education for more than seven years now, both in house at a university and today I serve as a VP of marketing at Helix education out of our Salt Lake City office. Perfect, Chris and Eric, you of course both mentioned your company, Helix Education, and Helix Education is actually producing the podcast. So, Chris, tell us a little about helix education and what you and your team are up to these days. Absolutely so. Simply put, helix solves enrollment growth challenges, and growing in today's market means a really specific focus on the adult learner. So the primary way we partner with colleges and universities is as an OPM. So the acronym OPM refers to online program management or...

...sometimes outsourced program management. But in short, we provide all of the marketing, enrollment, coaching and retention services on behalf of an institution for their online or adult programs, and we support them by our student life cycle technologies in exchange for a share of the tuition revenue brought in by the students who enroll in persist. We've been focused on recruiting the adult learner for thirty years now through an enterprise approach, which means that for all the colleges and universities we partner with, we manage all of their online programs or all of their adult and graduate programs, and the programs we manage for our partners have grown at a compounded rate of forty eight percent over the last three years. At ASCIC Eric, so we've gotten to learn a little about he likes education. But when you tell us why you actually wanted to start this podcast? Yeah, Jonathan, I think the primary reason is that there's just a lot of anxiety in the higher ed space right now, specifically from an enrollment growth standpoint. Competition is never been higher, but there are a ton of colleges and university...

...still winning and winning big as Chris just mentioned. Our partners programs have grown by forty eight percent over the past three years. So our hope is that as we help introduce listeners to their peers in the industry who are up against similar growth challenges and solving for them, that they're able to get practical insight and feel encouraged about the road before them. Perfect. So what can listeners actually then expect to hear as they listen to each episode. Sure we know our audience of Higher Ed leaders is a busy one. So each episode is rapid fire, only about ten minutes long, and it's going to feature an interview with another leader in higher education, one of their peers, discussing in Roman growth strategies and initiatives at their own institution, whether these come from a marketing, retention, technology, financial, later academic standpoint, and the goal is to provide listeners with practical ideas, rategies and best practices they can start implementing tomorrow with their own institution. Perfect, and, of course, speaking of your listeners, what's the best way for them to connect with you in case maybe they have ideas for episode topics or even guess that they think you...

...should feature on the show? We'd love to hear from listeners, Jonathan, and the best way is really by visiting Helix educationcom slash podcast or emailing us directly at podcast at Helix Educationcom. Perfect, Chris and Eric. That wraps it up for episode one. Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you today and, of course, you'll be the ones taking over the reins for episode at two and beyond with Enrollment Growth University, and I'm very excited to see this show grow. I think it is going to add a ton of value to the higher education community and, of course, good luck with the rest of the show. Thanks, Jonathan. Thanks Jathan. You've been listening to enrollment growth university from Helix Education. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show and Itunes or your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time,.

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